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Hi, I’m Dionna Humphrey! I created mademepretty.com in January 2014. I started in the fashion industry styling clients and writing for my own plus size fashion column with All Things Fashion DC, but I wanted more. I wanted a platform where I could express my own personal style, encourage others to take chances with style and connect with readers on a deeper level.

One thing I have always stressed with clients and I continue to maintain with this blog is that style and confidence isn’t limited by size. I’ve always been a big girl. And I’ve also always loved fashion. I made the most with what I could fit into, yet even then I was pushing the boundaries of style (I know someone has a pic of me and those neon block leggings somewhere, I just know it!). I went through a lot to come to the place I am, a lot of trials and tribulations that have taught me a lot. It’s through this journey of love and self-discovery that I became the woman I am today, a plus size woman with confidence and style!

My time in the world of style has taken me to a lot of really amazing places and I’ve seen some gorgeous fashion. I’ve also been able to work with some of my favorite brands, like Dorothy Perkins, Avenue, Marla Wynne and more. The best part of all? The people I’ve met, befriended and inspired. I started this blog for me, but it’s become about us. Women, plus size women in particular, are taught not to love ourselves. And I’m so honored to be a part of the conversation that’s driving to change all that. This blog started about the fashion and beauty I love, but when I connect with you all, read your comments, see you rock something inspired by me— it’s one of the best rewards I’ve had on this fashion journey.

Now the serious stuff: All content in this blog is written by me. While I work with brands from time to time, my relationship with these brands does not influence the content. If a brand sends me an item to review, I will mention as much in my post. Additionally, I blog on what I love and what fits my personal style; I won’t work with every brand just because I’m approached. I also use affiliate links, which means if you see something you like through my blog & decide to purchase, I may make a small percentage on that purchase. So now take a peek in my closets and stay a while. Xo, Dionna


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